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As a General Practitioner you will find that there is a limited market for Medical Indemnity Insurance in your profession. Therefore there are a few key things we would ask you to consider when obtaining a quotation. They are as follow:

1.    With a limited insurance market ask your insurance broker which underwriters they are approaching before you approach any other insurance brokers. We have often found that approaching several insurance brokers can be a complete waste of time as they all tend to use the same two to three underwriters.

2.    If you have already approached another broker it is also important that you notify us before we send your details to our underwriters.

3.    Ensure the information provided is accurate and that all details on any conditions, claims and complaints are disclosed. A letter of good standing will be requested from your previous indemnity provider so it is vital these match up to what is on your proposal.

Below you will find a proposal and request form for the letter of good standing from your previous indemnity provider. Please complete and return these to us at your 
earliest convenience.

Medical Malpractice Proposal
Letter of Good Standing Request 

Please send these back to us by one of the following methods

Post -
All Med Pro. 59b Thornhill, South Marston, Swindon, SN25 1TH.
Email info@allmed.co.uk
Fax 01793 820230

Further Information
Without medical malpractice insurance, you run the risk of being exposed to many liabilities such as:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Neglect
  • Bodily Injury
  • Mental Injury
  • Duty of Care
  • Error or Omission
  • Good Samaritan Act
  • Loss of or damage to tangible property
  • and many more...

For further information please contact us on 01793 820100

We can provide very competitive quotations for foreign nationals new to the UK as well as individuals who have been refused cover by the likes of the defence unions. 

We are increasingly seeing clients who have been refused cover elsewhere. We do have a number of Indemnity markets available to us so please do not hesiate in contacting us. 

Please note: All Med Pro are currently only looking to cover registered medical practitioners in respect of medical indemnity insurance for non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.

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